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Early History

SOLACE was founded in South Australia in 1983 by Jean Almond OAM who is currently the National Secretary of our Australia wide organisation

The aim was to assist those whose partner had died. On-going self help and mutual support was offered to assist the bereaved to begin their journey through grief.

Solace  ACT

SOLACE was introduced to the ACT in 1989 by NALG (ACT Chapter) and M H O'Rourke, Funeral Directors.

Since that date SOLACE members have met regularly throughout Canberra.

The organisation has continued to grow and reach out to offer help and support to those who are grieving.

SOLACE's aims are to:

1. reassure those who grieve the death of their partner that their feelings are normal;

2. provide a safe environment in which grief can be expressed freely;

3. help people to understand the phases of their grief;

4. assist bereaved people adjust to their loss;

5. provide social activities for members.

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